About Us – Milestones


Our Vision
  • To be the leading Lighting and Electrical trading organization in Myanmar with hopes to build a better community.


Our Mission
  • Appropriate and affordable pricing
  • Genuine and great quality products
  • Sincere service at hearts
  • Highly motivated and trained employees



The following are the objectives and aims of STG to provide to both internal and external customers:

  1. To provide the best customer care and solutions for our customers with their needs and wants in their respective residential, commercial or industrial settings.
  2. To provide sound technical solutions and the most energy efficient products to safe guard the environment and prepare for greater energy needs in the future.
  3. To run the business together as a collective and cohesive unit by encouraging fully transparent communications through all levels of staffs and management.

To persuade and inspire people in the organization to strive for better service and improved productivity by recognizing the important of customer care which will be rewarded accordingly through promotions / better salaries.